Female voyagers can expect to feel very welcome in these places! More women travellers than ever are traversing the globe and spending a massive amount a year on travel. Whether travelling solo or in a group, these countries are among the safest for women travellers. 

1.) Iceland

The Northern Lights, whale-watching, Skaftafell Glacier and an almost equal representation of women in the Parliament – the Land of Fire and Ice and Feminism has much to marvel at, and is at the top of our list when it comes to safe travel. Travel forth to Iceland with total confidence!

2.) New Zealand

Beaches and fjords and safety? New Zealand or Middle Earth as The Lord of the Rings fans would have you call it, is a visual smorgasbord with lots of activities that are also respectful of and comforting for female travellers.

3.) Indonesia

Fancy some time off in a tropical isle? With its beautiful beaches, temples and resorts, and peaceful culture, Indonesia (and Bali, in particular) is very popular with solo or group women travellers.

4.) Singapore

Sentosa, Colonial architecture, the nightlife at Clarke Quay, a mix of Chinese-Malay-British-Indian history, the Singapore Sling cocktail, great food and an impeccable aesthetic – there are so many factors that make Singapore the woman-friendly destination that it is!

5.) Bhutan

Happiness index? Check. Safety index? Check. Beauty and culture index? Check. Impossibly beautiful trek up to Tiger’s Nest Monastery? Check. Bhutan really puts a smile on everyone’s face.


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