Why solo travel is a blessing?


Solo travelling is the biggest challenge for everyone. I know it sounds boring but at the same time, introvert personality trait finds it well and interesting. It’s not about introvert and extrovert stuff, but solo travelling experience changes people life and is very empowering. 
I do believe solo travelling is a blessing to everyone. So, Here are a few reasons why people should travel solo!

1.Freedom: if you travel with your friends, family or work community then most of the time you don’t get a chance to do what you want, it may be in terms of food, places to visit or timing issues.But in solo travel, you get complete freedom. You can visit places of your choice, you can wake up and go out at whatever time you feel comfortable and most importantly, you can eat the food of your choice at a familiar restaurant.

2.No waiting: you don’t have to wait around for anyone else to start your travel journey. Many of the times, when we make plans with our friends or family, it gets cancelled due to some reasons.

3. It boosts your confidence: The very first step of forming a decision of solo travelling is empowering. The more you travel solo the more you grow. It will make you realise that you can do your things on your own. 

4.Meeting new people: The word solo travelling may seem like a lonely one to many people but, there are many people out there who want to know you more and ready to welcome you in their city. This kind of experience enriches people lives and let us learn new things.

5.No compromises: If you are travelling solo then these compromises are entirely up to you, whether you want a shorter holiday staying in hotels or if you prefer budget accommodation so that you can travel for longer.

Travelling solo changes your life and is the greatest gift you can gift to yourself. It is an enjoyable and beautiful experience.


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