Everything happens in America! The USA is known to welcome humans from all over the world. The diversity of America is even reflected in the continent’s natural significances. Blend of all seasons and the shrine of vibrant wonders, it always has been an explorer’s triggering passion. US has so much to offer that we at Veena World have special USA holiday packages to embrace every calling of the explorer in you! Specially designed and customized USA tour packages and USA holiday packages from India set a completely new benchmark of the voyage. “The American Dream” is a melody of every soul since its youthful ages and the handmade vacation packages like the USA tour packages are the personal favourites of many as it offers a perfect combination of the best of all cities of the world! Make the most fascinating memories with us and relish our legacy to travel, explore and celebrate life.

America is the land of young dreams! The variety of elements that this land has to offer are countless. The beauty of this land is in perfect sync with nature and the future bonded together. Travelling in this land makes you realise every moment, why it is advanced than most countries in the world. With best USA tour packages from India offered by us, explore the hype of an ‘American Dream’ and experience it in every corner of this ‘New World’. Known to be the land of citizen-centric ideology, where everything is created to make life easy. This land is dedicated to people and the ideology of life. Here at Veena World, we understand this core nature of this land and tailor make the itineraries into our US holiday packages from India which are designed to provide you multiple options to choose from. The experiences that are spread across in this dreamland are of so many different shades that it will surely leave you spoilt for choice! To make a perfect bucket list of United States, here are the 10 best handpicked must have experienced for you:

1. Go local in New York!

The lively land of New York has all the excitement in its name itself! Experience this city by going local completely! Go for a Broadway Show. Take a subway, stroll around in the lanes. Go for a brunch in a restaurant, enjoying the energetic city life passing by you as you take a bite. Let this city redefine street food for you and let you fall in love with more! Go for a picnic in the park. Witness the lives of New York and the innocent giggles of the kids in the park! Lose yourself in this planned city and find your way back while you explore it. Sing your heart out in Karaoke and enjoy the multi-cultured cuisine spread across the lanes. Meet locals, create stories and experience the Big Apple in its raw form by going local in this land of dreams. Club this experience with your USA tour packages and live your dream vacation!

2. Lunch with an Astronaut!

The USA is known for the aerospace industry. This country flaunts a history of being the pioneers in the space industry. With a corny reputation of taking dreams beyond the sky, USA welcomes tourists with enthusiasm of space and the little astronaut dreamers to attractions dedicated to universe and space. Kennedy Space Centre dedicated to Aeronautics and Space Administration gives you an exceptional chance to experience the greatest space adventure on Earth! With your US holiday packages from India, including Kennedy Space Centre experience along with a lunch with an astronaut. This experience swirls in the curiosity of sitting across with somebody who knows the space well to pour out the questions and create memories which may turn into inspirations!

3. Walk on the Golden Gate!

Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco, rising taller over the Pacific Ocean has been one of the most interesting tourist attractions of this city and the country too. Ever thought a walk over a bridge could get adventurous? It’s surely the experience that will redefine the usual USA tour packages from India in a whole new manner. Take a walk across the bridge and continue under the bridge up to the Hendrik Point vista point for a stunningly breath-taking view of the bridge with the postcard-perfect San Francisco skyline in the background. You will also have a chance to witness the incredible view of Alcatraz and even the Bay Bridge from here. From Golden Gate Bridge’s Marin side you can continue into the Marin Headlands or may also choose to head down into Sausalito along the Bay Trail. Taking such offbeat routes into the exploration will only give you surprises that will stay along with you for a lifetime.

4. Rewind to Childhood!

The country of USA is well known for so many theme parks. Right from the Disneyland to Universal Studios. It is set to rewind your soul back to your childhood and let you experience the childhood fairy tales and movies! Experience the Disney world where the princesses and the castles are brought into reality. Where Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck await you. Every cartoon that may have been a favourite part of your childhood will wait to give you a vacation that will turn your time back to your childhood. USA tour packages which include the experience of theme parks highlight the unique attractions of this land.

5. See the Hype!

The identity of USA, as flaunted on many movies and even on the news channels. The architecturally iconic landmark and the trademark of USA located in Washington, D.C. is something which cannot be missed when you step on this land. White House is one of the rare historic landmarks that has been flashed in so many movies! It has only has triggered curiosity for it to be explored. Witness it, know what all the hype is about with a tour inside this iconic marvel. Combine this experience along with your USA holiday packages from India and get a chance for a rare experience of seeing beyond the walls of this discrete architectural body. White House will not only let you inside its history but also through the corners and people responsible for building this great nation.


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