Live Life Luxurious! A break so glorious from the mundane that it changes your perception of holiday and life itself…

A holiday that lets you embrace the lifestyle that you’ve always dreamed of! Luxury in simple terms can be defined as anything that provides utmost comfort. To live a luxurious life means to live a smooth, hassle-free life while enjoying some of the most incredible experiences that you can wish for. If life can be this way, why not your holiday? Why should you feel any less pampered on your vacation? With so many amenities and world-class facilities that make our life easier, it is but natural to crave for a break that gives us the best of everything. Luxury special tour packages by Veena World have been planned with the very idea of enjoying a lavish holiday that takes luxury, ease and comfort to the next level as compared to regular group tours. Think 5-star luxury hotels, world-class fine dining experience, the comfort of Business Class travel and the privilege of Business Class airport lounges and you will maybe scratch the surface of what luxury actually feels like! With our Singapore Luxury Tours, we aim to offer choices that are fit for royalty and luxury holidays that help us become one of the popular luxury tour operators in India.

Keep reading for a day-by-day account of our very first luxury Singapore tour package, the places to visit in Singapore, the things to do in the beautiful ‘Lion City’ and take note of the luxurious choices that set this holiday apart from any other Singapore tour packages from India:

Day 1

A journey of luxury and comfort begins! Travel like royalty as you fly ‘Business Class’ on Singapore Airlines and fly effortlessly to the ‘Lion City’.

Singapore Airlines Business Class 

Comfort is of prime importance when you travel by air! An international flight journey is usually for an extended period of time, ranging anywhere between 2-3 hours to almost 30-35 hours depending on the destination and the duration of layovers. The one thing that can help us sail through this tiring journey is comfortable seating, remarkable entertainment and ample legroom to stretch our legs. And that is exactly what you get in the ‘Business Class’ seating of an aeroplane! Economy seats, in most cases, do not offer the luxury of comfort and space in their seating or in their legroom. In order to enjoy a comfortable flight journey, Business Class seating is the optimum solution that can make travelling by air, all the more relaxing and hassle-free. Take advantage of our luxury tour packages that give you the opportunity to experience ultimate comfort in the air!

Did You Know?

Business Class seating also includes Premium Lounge Access at the destination airports where you can relax, unwind and enjoy world-class services such as light snacks, refreshments, wireless internet, TV, meeting rooms, shower room, bartender service etc. before boarding your flight.

On arrival, check in to the luxury 5-star hotel ‘Shangri-La’ and experience sheer comfort and at-par hospitality for the entire duration of your stay. After some much-needed rest, enjoy a delicious buffet spread at the Shangri-La restaurant and relish the taste of flavoursome cuisines.

Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

A 5-star luxury hotel that offers the best of facilities along with remarkable hospitality! The Shangri-La Hotel located on the bustling Orchard Street of Singapore is a one-of-a-kind lavish property that boasts of 792 luxurious guestrooms, suites as well as 182 spacious and well-appointed serviced apartments and residences. Spread over 15 acres, Shangri-La with its exceptional hospitality and world-class amenities has been voted as one of the best hotels in the world consistently. The hotel also offers amazing culinary experiences along with recreational facilities such as swimming pool, spa and state-of-the-art gymnasium. Our luxury tours Singapore become all the more exclusive with the inclusion of this 5-star hotel that sets a new benchmark for comfort, luxury and hospitality!

Did You Know?

The lush gardens of Shangri-La Hotel are well-renowned as the ‘Second Botanic Gardens’ of Singapore. On the 45th anniversary of the hotel, a seven-metre tall greenhouse known as ‘The Orchid’ was built, in order to preserve and showcase the proud natural heritage of Singapore, the orchids. The hotel also provides self-guided walking tours to guests who are interested in enjoying this experience.

The evening is set for a wonderful experience as you visit the ‘Lungs of Singapore – Gardens by the Bay’. Here, you get a chance to explore the Flower Dome – largest greenhouse in the world housing exotic plants and Cloud Forest – an indoor cool-moist tropical conservatory featuring the world’s tallest indoor waterfall at 35 metres and splendid mist-covered walkways known as ‘Cloud Walk’ and ‘Treetop Walk’. Dinner will be a memorable affair as you dine in style at the rooftop SuperTree restaurant in Gardens by the Bay.

 SuperTree by IndoChine Restaurant

Exploring Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay is one thing but dining atop the iconic Supertree of this stunning man-made creation is a marvellous experience altogether! The restaurant offers a delectable mix of Indo-Chinese and Western cuisines along with a wide selection of cocktails and alcoholic spirits. Dine at the rooftop and gaze at the mesmerizing cityscape and natural splendour of Singapore from up above; a unique experience that will be etched in your mind and heart forever! Whether it’s a romantic dinner for two or a night out with family and friends, the setting of SuperTree by IndoChine is such that you will enjoy spellbinding views from the top of the tallest Supertree. The restaurant has 2 seating options – alfresco-style rooftop bar and fully-air conditioned 360-degree lounge. Our luxury tour packages to Singapore are replete with memorable experiences like these!

Did You Know?

The restaurant, as well as the menu it serves, is completely eco-friendly! The menu is entirely nutraceutical which means the food contains health-giving additives, organic produce and does not include any endangered species in its ingredients. The Supertree structure that holds the restaurant is also made of sustainable PET plastics and green wood that is made from rice husks.


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