“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

– Helen Keller

Travelling has been a human passion since evolution. The world being accessible and heading towards welcoming everybody, women have taken a charge to lead in their lives and also themselves to countless journeys. Travelling has become a kind of an art that comes with a practice of many skills. Women have a beautiful habit to be well equipped with a lot of skills.

Coming with an idea to frame everything possible for the ones who make everything possible in their lives is the whole perception behind the women’s special tours. For a change, indulge in the journey where you’ll be taken care of and set free to create your own stories along with ladies special tours. Get ready to explore, experience and have a blast…this is your time! Rejuvenate yourself, and enjoy your “me time”. It takes a little bit more courage to only agree to the decision of exploring the world out of the comfort zone and when a woman decides on it, there is no stopping her. Bring the brave exploring hearts together and they create a poetic adventure of their lives. Coming back with so many beautiful stories and even stronger will to wrap the whole world in their embrace!

For all the charming ladies with the determination and love for travel, Veena World brings well-planned women group tours that include a balance of activities and leisure time along with carefully selected accommodations, knowledgeable guides and a safe travel experience. Be a part of this exclusive women’s special tours in India! Fuse style and passion, walk the ramp, flaunt your style and vie for the crown in special gala nights that are a part of our ladies special tour packages. Explore the best destinations around the globe fearlessly along with your girl squad and experience it all. Here are the top 10 destinations among which 5 are around the globe and 5 in India itself!


1. America

America is the land of explorers. Get your heart with the love of exploration excited to experience America with ladies only trips. America is known to welcome humans from all across the world! The diversity of America is even reflected in the continent’s natural significances. Travel to this land which is known to be a universe of opportunity. Decorate your bucket list with your dreams of everything you want to do in America with your girl gang and book your own ladies special tour packages to live it all. This land is popularly known for its unique blend of all seasons and the shrine of vibrant wonders, it always has been an explorer’s triggering passion.

2. South East Asia

South East Asia is among the first to be ticked off the travel goal list for many travellers including our women gang. A whole continent of unique exploration and affordable sojourn. The traditional epicentres of the Asian continent in their own way and fast-growing developed nations, Singapore Thailand Malaysia are remarkable travel choices, all known for being vastly dynamic countries. All the charming ladies can get ready to experience, truly experience this melting pot of different cultures. A whole new world of cuisines and architectural styles; amazing amusement and wildlife parks; wonderful shopping avenues and outlying neighbourhoods; unmatched cleanliness await you along with your specially crafted South East Asia women’s special tours. They are truly global cities of Southeast Asia and can be explored with your beautiful gang along with our ladies special tours!

3. Europe

Europe is a long lost dream of every woman! Right out of the fairy-tale, this land is the safest and the most favourite destination for many. Every child grows up reading stories and tales, that Europe shares a reputation for bringing colours and reality to their fantasy. The fantasy land popping straight out of your favourite storybook as a child has successfully grasped the world’s attention since the beginning of the time. The specially crafted ladies special tour packages are designed to bring your fantasy travel dream come true for you Queens.


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